FookHai Treasure House + NangSilk BirdNest Guide Tour + HongLim Michelin Hawker


Prices starting from SGD$99.00


  • Viewpoint Trading and Collectibles has stocked a wide range of interior goods from Singapore’s bygone era. 
  • Have a stew cup of freshly cooked NangSilk BirdNest (100ML with 100% thickness) at HongLim Food Centre Hawker Stall. 
    Bring home a bottle NangSilk BirdNest (100ML with 100% thickness). which content 3-gram of dry NangSilk Birdnest. 
    To have Better understanding the proper way of cooking BirdNest. 
  • Visit HongLim Food Centre: Michelin Hawker Stall like Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee, waiting time 30 minutes. (our service staff can arrange preorder without line up).
  • Bring Home Gift
    4 pieces of 6-7gram Dry NangSilkBirdnest biscuits.

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